We’re off to Canada for week two of “A Built World”


Back again for another week of Georgia Farrell’s new Knit Along for Rowan: “A Built World” … and I have to admit I was a bit stumped by this week’s destination clues!

Georgia’s clues for the next step of the journey definitely kept me guessing this week – I guessed by the names of the sports teams that we were in the continent of North America and as one of them had the name of ‘Maple Leafs’ I was guessing at Canada. While thinking about the clues, I realised I knew very little about Canada! I think my knowledge amounts to: they play ice hockey, half of it is French, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, oh and their president is really cool and quite dishy!

I could only name Ontario, Ottawa and Toronto as cities, and had no idea which one (if any) was the capital! Appalling! So now I have a new task of learning more about Canada!

Anyway, onto the KAL … It turns out that this week’s inspiration is indeed a building in Toronto. It’s the Royal Bank Plaza building and the design of this week’s square is really beautiful.

"A Built World" Week Two: Toronto - image from Georgia Farrell's Facebook page
“A Built World” Week Two: Toronto – image from Georgia Farrell’s Facebook page

Now, as a beginner knitter I would normally look at this pattern and think … I won’t be able to do that, it’s beyond my ability! However, I not only have faith in Georgia’s reassurance that it would be easy to follow, but this week she has also made a video for us to follow!

This video has been really helpful. If I’m not sure exactly how to do a stitch, seeing it being done really does help make it clearer.

One of the benefits of doing a Knit Along is the community of knitters you get to meet and get support from. I have enjoyed following the Facebook group that is running with the KAL and seeing everyone’s colour choices – and I also picked up this really handy tip: I am doing two squares at a time on the same
needles. This makes so much sense and really speeds things up.

A handy tip this week: Knit two squares at a time
A handy tip this week: Knit two squares at a time

So far, the week two squares are going well I think but definitely take a lot more concentration, so are taking me a little longer to do. I often find with a pattern that changes each row, that I lose where I am in the instructions. Thankfully Georgia gave us a great tip for following a chart and I’ve found this also helps with keeping me on track with the written instructions. I can’t deny, I struggle with charts and much prefer the written instructions.

A handy tip from Georgia for following a chart
A handy tip from Georgia for following a chart

Hopefully I will manage to progress far enough to get pictures of at least two of these Toronto squares ones onto my next post!
Best get back to it, take care
Jenny x