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Bernette 05 Academy Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Bernette 05 Academy Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 05 Academy is a robust, durable and powerful allrounder sewing machine. Equipped with a wide range of functions, 30 exclusive stitches and a fast motor, the Bernette 05 Academy lets you quickly realise your wildest ideas. For tricky projects that require a slower pace, you can reduce the maximum sewing speed. It comes with an impressive 12 presser foot soles – for every sewing task, a…
Bernette 05 Crafter Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Bernette 05 Crafter Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Available to order
The new Bernette 05 Crafter is a robust, durable and powerful allrounder sewing machine. The rugged bernette 05 CRAFTER is the sewing machine for creative allrounders. From beautiful clothes to trendy accessories, you can finish your projects in no time at all. With the 30 exclusive stitches included, such as super-stretch stitch and blanket stitch, it offers everything you need. The stitches can…
Bernette 33 Sewing Machine Bernette 33 Sewing Machine
2 in stock
The Bernette 33 mechanical sewing machine with stylish Swiss design is the perfect model for beginners. Its simple operation makes it easier to learn the basics of sewing. This machine is durable and robust with excellent stitch quality and all the functions a new sewist will need. All the settings can be adjusted by turning the two knobs. The Bernette 33 offers 15 stitches, including buttonholes,…
Bernette 35 Sewing Machine Bernette 35 Sewing Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 35 is a mechanical sewing machine with no computerised controls. The width, length and pattern of the stitch are easily set by turning the three knobs. The tension can be adjusted during sewing, using an easily accessible wheel. The Bernette 35 also has an automatic, 1-step buttonhole function, which is quick and easy to use. With a total of 23 stitches, including both utility and dec…
Bernette 37 Sewing Machine Bernette 37 Sewing Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 37 is a compact computerised model with simple operation and robust construction. It has many functions, such as the practical start/stop function that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. You can also use the needle stop up/down function to decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or up above it - a particular advantage when you want to sew corners and turn the…
Bernette 38 Sewing Machine Bernette 38 Sewing Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 38 is the affordable top model in the Bernette 30 series of sewing machines. This computerised sewing machine offers a wide range of functions, including 394 different stitches, including the stretch stitch for elastic fabrics...this means you can create fantastic T-shirts from jersey fabric, for example. The Bernette 38 also has eight different 1-step buttonholes and three alphabets.…
Bernette 70 Embroidery Machine Bernette 70 Embroidery Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 70 DECO computerised embroidery machine will help take your creativity to the next level - this model is a real specialist. As a pure embroidery machine, it offers everything for decorating or personalising clothing or accessories. With over 200 embroidery designs installed, the right motif is at your fingertips – and you can directly edit it on the touch screen. Want something truly…
Bernette 77 Sewing Machine Bernette 77 Sewing Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 77 is an affordable sewing machine with lots of extras. The Bernette 77 focuses exclusively on sewing and quilting. Get creative and sew your own clothes, quilts or accessories. Discover new stitches and sewing techniques with this easy-to-use computerised sewing machine. Sew a delicate chiffon dress or a fine leather clutch. No worries, with the Bernette 77 it’s simple to work with a…
Bernette 79 Combined Sewing and Embroidery Machine Bernette 79 Combined Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Available to order
The Bernette 79 is a fantastic, affordable sewing and embroidery machine - it's Bernette's top of the line model. It offers everything a creator needs – this two-in-one machine combines all the sewing functions of the Bernette 77 with the embroidery perks of Bernette's 70 DECO. The Bernette 79 makes creating a unique and special handmade dress with delicate embroidered flower embellishments easy.…
Bernette Bobbins (B37/38 Models): Singles (5020600026) Bernette Bobbins (B37/38 Models): Singles (5020600026)
Out of stock
Bernette bobbins always maintain a consistent thread tension, enabling you to produce accurate sewing and embroidery projects. The bobbins are compatible with every Bernette machine, except the Bernette 610D Overlocker. These bobbins are sold individually, price is per bobbin.
Bernette Funlock 42 Coverstitch Machine Bernette Funlock 42 Coverstitch Machine
1 in stock
The Bernette Funlock 42 is a low-cost 4-thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine giving you professional hems. This machine offers 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8mm and 5.6mm, and a chain stitch. With it, you can provide your hems, edges and cuffs with professional stitches, giving your sewing projects the perfect look. Excellent results can be achieved, even with very stretchy fabric…
Bernette Funlock 44 Overlocker Bernette Funlock 44 Overlocker
Available to order
The Bernette Funlock 44 is a low-cost overlocker ideal for beginners. This machine offers numerous practical functions, giving you a straightforward introduction to overlocking. With 15 stitches, the Bernette Funlock 44 provides a compact set of stitches that allows you to do all types of overlock sewing. It is easy to thread the looper and needle by following the coloured markings. The knife driv…


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