Hello London for week three of “A Built World”

Heavens to Betsy, working in the shop really does make the week fly by! I have started doing some knitting on my lunch break at work now to play some catch up as I am on the drag with the KAL. Unfortunately I had four days of gastric flu and simply didn’t have the energy to knit!

I am still only half way through the Toronto squares, but I’ve laid them to one side temporarily so that I can get at least a couple of this week’s squares done before next week’s release!

So this week I knew immediately where we were going as it is my home town … London. I was born and raised in the east end of London and no matter where I am in life or the world, I will always leave a big part of me there. I love it! I love how cosmopolitan it is, how the old and the new sit side by side contentedly. I love the juxtaposition of standing in a modern glass building gazing at a centuries old stone fortress and vice versa. I love it’s smells, sounds, dirt and grime, the business of the city streets and the tranquility of the extensive parklands. I love the history, the secrets that are hidden around every corner and, of course, the architecture!

I was excited to see which building Georgia chose…so much choice! Would it be old or new? Or would it be a bridge? (I have a thing for bridges!)

I recognised the building instantly of course, it is City Hall. I love this building. I love how it is iconic yet comparatively small. It would be lost amongst the Shard, the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie, et al, but to me it is more magnificent in it’s compactness. When I visit London I spend a lot of time in it’s vicinity and never fail to take a photo of it glinting in the sun or reflecting the grey skies.

So, now that I am well again, Toronto has been placed temporarily to one side and I am busy knitting away at London.

Week Three of "A Built World" stops off in London
Week Three of “A Built World” stops off in London

Again the pattern looks like it is very complicated and difficult but with Georgia’s video and support on the pattern and the Facebook group, it is definitely achievable … And Toronto taught me that I cannot knit and watch television at the same time as I do with crochet!!

London's City Hall in stitches
London’s City Hall in stitches

Anyway, I am away now on a wee holiday in Edinburgh so the next post will be a little delayed but excitingly, the next stop on the KAL trip is a building in Edinburgh!

See you soon, take care

Jenny x

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